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Advanced Technology & Capabilities at Frisco Urgent Care

Convenient Onsite Laboratory & Advanced Technology

Frisco Urgent Care & Clinics’ laboratory was recently accredited by COLA, one of the nation's premier clinical, laboratory, education, consultation and accreditation organizations. Completion of COLA's accreditation program means our laboratory is in compliance with CLIA and is recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Our lab and clinic offer a full range of services, including:

Diagnostic Technology

  • EKG
  • Exercise stress testing
  • Spirometry (breathing tests)
  • Echocardiogram
  • Cardiac stress testing
  • Holter monitoring (ambulatory heart rhythm monitoring)
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • AcuSpina decompression for chronic back pain

Onsite Lab

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Chemistry
  • Lipid profile (cholesterol)
  • SED rate
  • Urinalysis
  • Microscopy
  • Strep screen
  • Chlamydia test
  • Drug screens

Digital X-Rays & Ultrasound

Our new digital radiology system makes X-rays a simpler procedure than ever. With a faster turnaround time, greater accuracy and sharper imaging, Frisco Urgent Care & Clinics can get to the heart of your problem in no time.

Our digital X-ray machine means no more waiting for film to develop. Your X-rays are ready immediately, and that means less worrying. The doctor can examine the images immediately and make a determination on the spot. We perform X-rays for various diagnostic reasons, including identifying broken bones.

Traditional X-ray machines require the technician to change out film cartridges and then develop the film, which takes time. Some things, such as tiny fractures, can be missed on film. With the higher-resolution digital images and the ability to zoom in on details, the doctor can see things that might otherwise be missed with traditional X-rays.

This advancement in technology is not available everywhere. Frisco Urgent Care wants you to know that we care about your health and well-being, and that's why we offer the new digital X-ray technology. It’s one of several medical technologies that help us take better care of you.


Health providers often use medical sonograms or ultrasounds during pregnancy, but there is a wide range of uses for ultrasound that you may not be aware of. Frisco Urgent Care uses ultrasound technology to help diagnose many different conditions.

Ultrasound is a radiological technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of organs and other structures in your body. The sound waves travel through your tissues from a device called a transducer. The transducer is placed directly on your skin and the sound waves are then sent through your body and are reflected by internal structures. These are displayed on a viewing monitor and can be recorded for further viewing.

Ultrasound machines do not use radiation, and studies have shown that there are no adverse side effects or harm to the human body. Frisco Urgent Care uses ultrasound to detect heart problems such as mitral valve prolapse or aortic stenosis. Doctors frequently use ultrasound to guide fluid withdrawal from lungs, chest or around the heart, detect gallstones and kidney stones easily and examine the spleen, kidneys, liver and abscesses in the abdomen or the pancreas. We also use ultrasound to check the structure and function of the thyroid gland.

Cardiac Stress Testing

With the Quest Exercise Stress System, Frisco Urgent Care can help the doctor determine a number of things regarding your cardiac health. The Quest system has a versatile functionality in that it performs both resting 12-lead ECGs and exercise stress level tests in one system. This saves your nurse or technician space and time moving you from machine to machine to run your tests. Its all is done with one machine.

The 'soft start' feature allows the treadmill belt to start out smoothly and slowly increase in speed at 0.1 mph increments for your comfort and confidence. This will eliminate jerking motions and stumbling that can catch you off guard when you begin the stress test. It is particularly helpful if you are already a little nervous.

Your doctor can determine a number of things about your health using a treadmill stress test – most notably, the condition of your cardiovascular system, as determined from your heart rate, blood pressure and vital signs while you are working out or under stress. The treadmill can be adjusted to speeds that will induce a steady, controlled cardiovascular workout where you will be breathing harder than your normal walking rate. That's where the testing process begins. There is also a grade adjustment to simulate walking uphill, which increases your heart rate. The test helps your doctor evaluate your heart condition.

Getting the Most Complete Picture With CT Scanning

Frisco Urgent Care now has the latest GE CT scanning equipment with high-speed dual imagery slicing. This means that the image can be manipulated to provide speed, resolution and sharp image quality, reducing the dosage and the amount of coverage. Computed tomography (CT) or computed axial tomography (CAT) scans do not hurt in any way and are completely noninvasive and painless. You lie down on a flat surface and you are slid into a large tube. Sometimes there is music to help you remain calm and keep your blood pressure steady. You are usually only in the CT scan machine for about five minutes or less. The computerized test is very fast and accurate.

There are several reasons why you might need a CT scan, such as determining the severity of a broken bone or detecting soft-tissue damage. The CT scanner at Frisco Urgent Care helps us evaluate the musculoskeletal system. CT bone scans are extremely sensitive for diagnosing fractures. Additionally, CT scans help us locate bone lesions such as tumors. A CT scan can be performed on any bone with the latest in three-dimensional views and is particularly helpful for multiple and compound fractures.

Other applications for a CT scan include: CT angiography for your heart and other parts of the body; head and brain scans for suspected stroke victims or head trauma; sinus, facial bones and temporal bones; CT for your neck and chest; abdominal scans, including your kidneys and liver; CT colonography, enterography and urography for patients with blood in their urine. The Frisco Urgent Care staff is trained in the use of the GE CT scanner. The results will help your doctor evaluate and diagnose your condition.

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